Fighting Talk – Part 3

“From Papish Conspiracy to Jewish Conspiracy…”

Scottish AFA activists explain the links between fascism and loyalism, with particular reference to the fascist presence among the supporters of Glasgow Rangers, which goes back to the early 1970′s with paper sales by both the NF and the BNP establishing a firm foothold at Ibrox.
Fascism as an ideology is explained in this section; a Glasgow AFA member argues that racism is simply a tactic of fascism and that the fascists’ tactics can be adapted according to what they perceive to be the political ‘needs’ of particular areas. Therefore, in places like Scotland and Ulster, anti-Black and anti-Asian racism is very often replaced with anti-Irish and anti-Catholic rhetoric in a blatant attempt by the fascists to appeal to loyalists.
A Glagow AFA activist, who is a former loyalist member of the Orange Order, explains the crossover in politics between loyalism and fascism.
This section ends with a focus on AFA’s campaigning work in the North-West of England with an Asian member of AFA outlining her experience of fascist attacks against ethnic minorities.

First broadcast on Open Space in 1992

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